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[P-VII] Edelweiss by poursuu [P-VII] Edelweiss by poursuu

Edelweiss pixel by poursuu

Edelweiss Chrysanthos

"Time passes by quickly, but I'll try to remember you. --Or at least your name..."


[Alias] Edel/Weiss
[Height]         5'4" / 163 cm               [Weight]           94 lbs / 43 kg             [Age]        (looks)19
               [Haircolor]     Cerise        [Eyecolor]          Deep Red         

[Species] SUCCULENT ( Floral Vampire )
A vampire whose veins/internal organs are covered by flowers inside their bodies to make blood storage last longer. Small cuts will make petals fall out of their bodies instead of blood, but they are not protected from getting deep cuts, bruises, etc. Succulents doesn't need to drink blood as frequently as regular vampires do but they need to eat flowers and be exposed to light to keep their bodies healthy.


[House]         Sirius       [Major Arcana]     Lux      [Minor Arcana]      Somnium  

[Wand]        ALEKA
A wand decorated with a flowery motif.
[Weapon]       GLADIOULUS
A small sword and a family antique. It has been passed down to descendants for generations. The gem gives aid to Edelweiss' Lux spells.


Creates a bright illusion of flower petals that cover her to make her 'disappear' and 'reappear' in different locations. Takes 3 seconds to reappear when she disappears. Used for dodging attacks. For each teleport there is a cooldown time in-between of 3 min. and she can only simultaneously teleport 3 times with a cooldown time of 15 min. If she uses it more than 3 times in one go she'll grow fatigue to a point where she won't be able to produce any spells for longer periods of time. Has a 2 meter distance limit between where she disappears and reappears.
Takes 3 min. to charge up in a dark area, and 9 min. ( or longer ) to charge up in a daylight area. Expels a bright light that blinds the enemy temporarily for 3 min. Cooldown in-between using a Typhlosis spell is 15 min. Can be done through her wand or from an object that can reflect light, and it affects targets that are within a 2 meter circumference around the object/wand. Edelweiss must be holding her wand or a reflective object in order to charge up and expel light from it, if they get knocked out of her hands the spell is cancelled. It's defective against those who cover their eyes.
LOCKED | ☆☆☆☆☆
LOCKED | ☆☆☆☆☆
LOCKED | ☆☆☆☆☆



Succulents were created to give more than take in life. Where a merciful vampire placed a spell on her newborn children in hopes that it will reduce using humans as livestock. And instead, provide more for other living things than themselves. Over time, Edelweiss became one of the descendants of this subspecies.
Growing up, she was a close-minded individual. Her family would struggle to get her to adjust to change. It wasn't until she met a traveling journalist that was studying magic. Fascinated by Edelweiss, he asked her to tell him information regarding facts of the world she lives in. Her interview lasted shortly, because she had trouble keeping track of past events. Even though she was of little help, he repaid her back by giving her books he wrote and a journal to record her memories in case they were to meet again. At first Edelweiss wasn't interested in the gifts thinking that the information wouldn't be of good use to her. But after reading a couple pages of his novels out of curiosity, she became enlightened. The books contained stories of other species, magic, and different worlds. She wanted to know more about what was out there.
When she reached a certain age, she decided to head out to on her own to explore. In her travels, the villages she stayed at were temporary homes. The moments where she interacted with people were short lived. But she gained knowledge of a variety of things from sewing to properly using a sword. Edelweiss grew mature, coming into terms with change and time. But decided to stay sentimental over subtle things to acknowledge the past. As time passed, many journals would be filled out one after another of new findings and encounters.
As she made her way to another unknown destination, she found herself enrolling into Luna Arcana. Motivated to learn more about the magic she possessed as well as experiencing things she never did before.


 "Your beauty is shining. It looks appetizing--
    .....oh, that was suppose to be a compliment."
Attentive | Mature | Independent | Poised | Selfish | Forgetful | Picky
Edelweiss is old-fashioned, prefers to do old traditions out of habit. Has a very soft-toned voice with a calm composure. Gets caught up in her own thoughts that makes her drift off from a conversation and sometimes has a hard time keeping up with new trends. Is patient and tends to treat others as if they were her younger siblings due to her real age. Her jokes and compliments may sound threatening, but nevertheless she loves company and meeting new people.


✓ sewing | elegant fashion | gardening | reading | flowers
✕  high-tech | winter | messy rooms | bugs



- She lost track of time so she estimates her age around the 100s
- Voice: [GBF]Anthuria(c)Yuu Asakawa
- Simplified Ref
- Resides at a small flower shop
- The top of her hair is very fluffy and squishy! But she doesn't like it when people touch it (feels embarrassed), so she doesn't want people to pat her head.
- Prefers to write letters to people as a way of long distance communication
- Keeps a journal as a way to remind herself of various things (people's names, events, spell notes, etc.)


VITAYA A dragon she dotes on and spoils. Would sometimes sew him new clothes, clean his room, etc. Grandma love
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